Foot Orthotics

Chronic knee, back, or hip pain can be a sign that you need foot orthotics. More obviously, hollow or flat feet, bad posture, or frequent loss of balance are some of the manifestations of irregularities in your feet.

Pour pallier ces dysfonctionnements, en plus d’un suivi continu personnalisé, notre clinique podiatrique vous propose des orthèses plantaires qui sauront répondre à vos besoins.

Évaluation biomécanique

Cryos Foot Orthotics

The Clinique Podiatrique Stéphanie Bonneau in Longueuil, in collaboration with Cryos Orthotics, offers you exclusive products on the cutting edge of technology that, because of their durability and thinness, will be able to support you in your daily life.

Thus, whether you are off to work in high heels or working out in tennis shoes, this unique orthotics system adapts to all types of shoes and produces optimal results.

Easy to clean as well as conceived to not absorb odors, these insoles are designed to correct the anomalies related to the feet. They also allow posture realignment, correction of the gait, and even help to neutralize the source of various pain.

Custom moulded in our clinic from a hypoallergenic polymer, their dynamism allows these orthopaedic devices to support your every move while providing maximum support to the muscles of your feet.

Biomechanical Evaluation

Scan orthèse plantaire
Scan orthèse plantaire

CryoVizion Postural Analysis

In order to ensure a personalized follow-up of your file and provide treatment designed specifically for your situation, the Clinique Podiatrique Stéphanie Bonneau is committed to give you the benefit of the state-of-the-art postural imaging system by CryoVizion.

CryoVizion is an advanced system in the field of medical imaging. It offers us the ability to:

  • Promote better understanding of your situation by its clarity and precision.
  • Visualize in detail the different components of your posture.
  • Follow your evolution throughout the process and thereby measure the improvement in your physical health.
  • Build trust, since it has been proven clinically for more than 10 years.

The biomechanical evaluation of your condition is carried out in three stages. First, an examination will be conducted while you are sitting, standing, lying, and then in movement. Next, you enter the viewing booth, where the sensitive sensors of cameras transmit images of your musculoskeletal system to your podiatrist. Once those postural images have been completed, you will be presented with the results and the problems that the images uncover will be discussed with you in a simple and concrete way.

Once the evaluation and presentation of a treatment plan is complete, a casting of your feet will be made, if necessary. This process will lead to the design of your foot orthotics in the laboratory.

Also, while you are wearing the orthotics, you will be carefully monitored to keep you informed of improvements that the treatment is bringing as well as to ensure your complete satisfaction.

All that remains is for you to feel the difference!

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