Skin and Nail Care

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Skin Care

The epidermis constitutes a fragile environment, susceptible of contracting infections that can be highly damaging to your health. With respect to the feet, this includes a number of diseases that may be contagious.

Among such conditions are warts; these seemingly harmless lesions may proliferate and interfere with your daily routine. In that case, a consultation with your podiatrist can be useful in finding a foot care solution that allows you to get back to normal. The use of the drug “Canthacur Ps” or an intralesional injection of bleomycin are two possible treatments to stop the spread of infection, while contributing to healing the lesions already present.

Corns and calluses are also widespread. At the clinic, we offer a type of local treatment, either topical or by debridement and sanding of the skin.

In short, whether to treat such ailments, attend to your athlete’s foot, or solve your problem of excessive sweating, our foot care prescriptions, health tips, and many accessible solutions will meet your expectations.

Special foot care is also available for diabetic patients. Individuals with this disease are more susceptible to infections of all kinds and are advised to pay special attention to their feet. A simple injury can cause many complications. In this case, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Toenail Care

Toenails, beyond the cosmetic issue, benefit from great care because neglecting them can lead to a number of problems.

Among them, the most common are ingrown toenails, fungal infections, nail streaks, deformation, and thickening. These conditions are most frequently caused by external disturbances (a bad cut, injury, trauma, etc.).

Often considered benign, such events can, however, lead to serious infectious disorders, in addition to causing great pain to the patient.

As for fungi, it is also important to emphasize that they can spread to other areas of the body and thus become extremely difficult to treat.

Depending on your case, the treatment can range from laser toenail care, creams and antifungal nail polish to a recommendation of oral medications.

With respect to ingrown toenails, your podiatrist normally advises a simple or bevelled nail trimming. A surgical procedure may even be performed in the clinic, if necessary.

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